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Adventuring we did go...

This book is about our time in Tok, Alaska. I faced unusual challenges, and met them in my own unusual ways - often in a frantic state of panic.

From a one-room cabin without water or power to
'The Mansion' - I'd like to say we lived in harmony with
nature, but we lean towards chaos. We were temporary
care-takers of my sister's property, and I literally 'dated an old goat' so we'd get along during milking and kidding. (I think they call it 'kidding' when the goat drops wee ones, which theirs did on April Fool's Day. The goat was supposed to wait until the owners got back!)

I was living on an ounce of common sense and a pound of creativity, earning my place as the poster child for What NOT to Do. I provide ample examples throughout this book for you to heed!

Fun. Insane. Hilarious. Read it.

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The material contained in this book is for entertainment only. It is NOT recommended that the reader attempt any of the activities herein! You've been warned, read at your own risk!

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